App prototype mockup





Adobe XD


The goal of the project was to develop a workflow in Adobe XD and explore the features available by prototyping an app that could be used by DAVIDsTEA. By incorporating academic learning into a personal project, design principles were used and expanded on. These principles include the design process, information architecture and usability testing.

  • brainstorm

    The concept started as a discussion with other tea drinkers about the lack of a DAVIDsTEA app, and what features an app would have. I took these ideas, recorded them and expanded on how features like a log book, account details and social interactions would be implemented while maintaining usability.

    Sketches and ideas on elements
    Phase One
  • Concept Development
    As I expanded the features, basic wireframes were sketched using principles of hierarchy, proximity, consistency and information blocks. These principles ensured that the app would be easy to understand for the potential consumer.
    Menu system layout for testing usability
    App prototype navigation structure
    Phase Two
  • Testing
    The sketches were then recreated in XD to develop a prototype and linked to function as the app would. The prototype was taken to the original ideators and tested to gather insight on the functions of the app.
    App mockup and testing
    Phase Three