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Automotive Car Channel

The goal of my YouTube channel is to create a community around a source of entertainment and provide quality content to the viewers.

  • brainstorm

    Active since September 2016, I ideate, film, edit and produce videos on automotive content. The channel currently has 1310 subscribers from all over the world and is solely managed by me, apart from collaboration videos with other creators.

    Storyboarding and planing a video
    Phase One
  • Concept Development
    From features to guides, the videos follow industry production and output standards and practices. In order to create a seamless experience outside of the YouTube environment, social media features content from illustrations to behind the scenes. The content in the external sources not only entertain returning viewers but attract new ones.
    Video timeline in premiere pro
    Social media presences
    Phase Two
  • Distribute
    To test our concept we created a prototype website using Adobe XD and had first-year University students use it. Our findings on the effectiveness of our solution were then presented to our peers.
    Phase Three