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The University Student’s Survival Guide

The goal of the project was to apply the design process to create a deliverable that communicated the support for mental health and wellness at Mount Royal. This included taking research insights to create a concept that communicates a clear message to the user.

Done in partnership with Corrie Chandler, Kaitlyn Bunka, and Nick Barrett.

  • brainstorm

    In a group, we dissected our individual research documents, noting patterns and relationships. We took what we learned and conducted extensive brainstorming to narrow down the problem that we wanted to solve, in order to gather feedback we participated in critique sessions.

    desk research document
    ideation with sticky notes
    Phase One
  • Concept Development
    With the feedback, we completed iterations until it successfully met our goal. Our solution became a survival guide for new students. To communicate our concept, we created system maps, diagrams, personas and storyboards. For inspiration, we gathered precedents.
    Phase Two
  • Testing
    To test our concept we created a prototype website using Adobe XD and had first-year University students use it. Our findings on the effectiveness of our solution were then presented to our peers.
    desk research document
    Phase Three