Human rights poster





Graphite Colored Pencils

Communicating through Icons

The goal of this project was to hand render an image that represents one of the articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It had to be easy to understand and engaging.

  • brainstorm

    To determine the essence of my article I brainstormed all words and ideas associated with it. I took the most critical ideas that reflected the uniqueness of the article and reduced it to the essentials. The idea of human rights being universal was sketched into low-fidelity drawings that conveyed the idea while using the simplest graphical forms.

    Sample of sketches to determine the most effective, simple icon
    Phase One
  • Concept Development
    These sketches then went through critiques to determine the most effective graphics and the lock was chosen as represents protection. In addition, the earth was placed in the center to represent the coverage across the world. The strongest sketch went through a refinement process, to determine how simple it can be before it loses its meaning.
    Phase Two
  • Finalize
    The final rendering was increased in size and done by hand.
    Final hand rendered poster
    Phase Three