Online responsive resource for mru cybersecurity





Adobe Dreamweaver

Mount Royal University Information Technology Services

The goal of the project was to use information architecture principles to create a website from our resource guide that provided the user with an effective means of obtaining information about cybersecurity at Mount Royal Unversity. The information included procedures, concepts and facts. The website had to follow the previously created style guide for Mount Royal Internet Technology Services.

Done in partnership with Steven Tran.

  • frame

    A wireframe was developed using information architecture principles, such as integrated graphics, consistency and hierarchy of chunking and labelling. To allow for ease of navigation a navigational sitemap was created then followed during file creation. We determined that because of the target audience and their use case that the site would responsive in nature and react to the device size.

    Website Proposal Document
    Site map for navigation
    Phase One
  • iterate
    To allow the site to adapt, a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript were implemented. We constructed each information block using only the essential information, as not to overwhelm the user. These elements were placed on the site according to their hierarchy.
    Website wirframe
    Website code, using hierarchy to organize
    Phase Two
  • Testing
    To test our concept we created a prototype website using Adobe XD and had first-year University students use it. Our findings on the effectiveness of our solution were then presented to our peers.
    Phase Three